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Advanced business consulting Ltd offers services in the following areas of expertise:

Project proposal development

  • Identifying adequate funding programme – identifying a suitable call for proposal according to the specific client’s idea and development strategy; clarifying the funding program and the call for proposal’ s requirements and specifying the conditions for the preparation of a specific project
  • Design of the project parameters in accordance with client’s needs and the requirements of the specific funding programme
  • Identifying and contacting potential project partners
  • Project proposal writing (application form, budget, business plan, project documentation)
  • Development of feasibility studies, cost-benefit analysis, business plans to be presented to banks, financing programs, managers and investors
  • Preparation of tender documentation

Project management

  • Complete management of the project implementation
  • Consulting on the financial management of the project
  • Annual operational plans development, including activity and resource schedules and budgets
  • Coordination and monitoring of the project activities, costs and contractors
  • Preparation and conduct of tenders for selection of suppliers and subcontractors
  • Technical and financial reporting (quarter, annual)

Organizational analysis

The company‘s services in this field are focused on analysis and optimization of the management and operational processes at a customer organization. There are various methods, techniques and tools for analysis and design of business processes, organizational structures, etc.

  • Functional analysis
  • Analysis of the effectiveness and efficiency of the activities and impact assessment
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Market research
  • Applied research and analysis, data analysis, assessments
  • Activities and processes optimization in client organizations
  • Implementation of management systems according to international standards

IT analysis

The company‘s services in this field are focused on analysis and optimization of processes and activities related to the management of information technology and assets in a client organization.

  • Analysis and audits of the processes of strategic and operational management of IT in the a customer organization
  • Identification of means to optimize IT processes through the opportunities provided by modern information technology
  • Benchmarking – comparing the processes, structures, organization of activities with the best practices established standards and methodological frameworks; identify gaps in implementation and giving suggestions for ways to achieve improvements
  • Developing procedures for managing IT in organizations


The services in this area include the preparation, organization and conduction of training in management, soft skills and specialized training according to the individual needs of the client organization.